Sunday, December 9, 2007

Modern Times, a story of industry favourites

With no breath necessary, no energy required to cool the soup, Lil'Norton will be represented by Model Homes and The Physical Poets' Home Library at the 2008 AWP Conference in New York City: January 30-February 2, 2008. New issues of both will be on stock where you may observe our counter-shaft. Stop by, introduce yourself, wager the future.

(This post comes to you through the Sales Talk Transcription Co., Inc. Your speaker, the digital salesperson :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Model Homes, issue 2: Autumn Mag or Winter Zine?

Exciting News Home Lovers,

It's officially been decided. Model Homes is preparing an early Winter (Jan.) launch of its second issue.

In either journal or magazine decor, visitors will see the newest design trends as well as the latest materials, products, finishes and colors available for readers today, all displayed within real home settings of

Carla Harryman, Tan Lin, Dorothy Trujillo Lusk, Seth Landman, Louis Cabri, Jennifer Scappettone, Lawrence Giffin, Robert Fitterman, Judith Goldman, Tao Lin, Kit Robinson, Catriona Strang & Nancy Shaw

Hear what the critics are applauding about:
Woodland Pattern and Patrick Lovelace

Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you, with updates and official release information soon.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Model Homes - poetry palisade

Model Homes issue 1 is now yours to discover. Join us in experiencing the better comforts and securities of

Travis Nichols
Johanna Drucker
Seth Parker
Diana Magallón
Patrick Lovelace
Lesley Yalen
Brian Kim Stefans
Natalie Lyalin
Ted Greenwald
Matina Stamatakis
Ray Hsu
Anne Tardos
Jules Boykoff
The Prize Budget For Boys

Great market rates via Paypal. Please contact us about developing Model Homes in your own community bookstore, library, or convenience stop. All correspondence welcome.

8.5 x 7, 60p, saddle stitched, made with love.
issn# 1938-8136

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Model Homes - poetry open house

While nothing replaces the experience of seeing beautiful, trendmaking Model Homes in person, we want you to feel comfortable asking questions because we know that ongoing communication is what makes the planning and building process go smoothly.

Starting with issue 1, Model Homes offers poetry readers a chance to see the future - or at least imagine it in a little more detail and convenience. As a subsidiary of lil' Norton Enterprises, we try to build and showcase as many Model Homes as required to help define a community. And our commitment to accurately portraying what's available is sure to be rewarded with numerous industry awards and achievement.

To be yours as early as June 15th, 2007
Model Homes issue 1 will feature the labors of:

Travis Nichols,Johanna Drucker, Seth Parker, Diana Magallón, Patrick Lovelace, Lesley Yalen, Brian Kim Stefans, Natalie Lyalin, Ted Greenwald, Matina Stamatakis, Ray Hsu, Anne Tardos, Jules Boykoff, Prize Budget For Boys

Contact us now for pre-orders and estimates.
Prices starting as low as $5, all sales final.