Thursday, May 29, 2008

Seize The Cites

A rave review by the duke of url himself has meant Joan Cusackian success for the proprietors and cochairs of Model Homes. So much so in fact that we've entirely SOLD OUT of both issues 1 and 2.

Thus, presently, all new subscriptions will begin with the forthcoming issue 3.

We project a very late summer release for issue 3, and are happy to announce that the immaculate convections of Douglas Kearney, Donato Mancini, Anna Vitale, & Derek Beaulieu will be added to the score.

Lastly, Lil' Norton is pleased to announce the release of Comment Is Free, vol. 2. Be sure to complete your collection.

chihuahua on cheeseburgers by William Hundley

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Thom Donovan said...

hi Model Homes,
I was wondering if Marie Buck cld be in touch with me by email. I am co-curating Segue series in NYC this winter and wld like her to read if she is interested. I can be reached at tadonovan at hotmail dot com.
apologies for the comment box message. tried to get Marie's address via others but wasn't having luck.