Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Bailout For You

Lil' Norton is proud to present Comment Is Free, vol. 3, the third volume in its ongoing recuperation of the works of Martha Dandridge Custis. Custis penned these controversial essays on various subjects in 1600. The nature of her investigations into phenomenological, psychological, biological, and textual subjects was so radical that even Abigail Adams, Custis's longtime collaborator, felt obligated to counter many of Custis's incredible claims. You will walk away stunned as you pass from Custis's rigorous deconstructions of the category of the juridical subject to her denouncement of electronic culture to her musings on the future of book technology.


Lil' Norton is pleased to announce the release of Comment Is Free, vol. 3. The third in a series of books on various subjects, all pulled from newspaper comment streams. The current volume, "Subjects," collages comments to articles on blogging and "oversharing," psychiatry for the superwealthy, the rights of apes, and the future of the book. It's as if everyone in the world annoying enough to comment obsessively on "controversial" topics were suddenly awarded PhDs and given book deals, still without having anything interesting to say! The present volume sells at cost for $5.98 from Lulu.

Be sure to complete your collection.


Kraxpelax said...

Hopefully enjoy my wallpaper art,
all uncommecial and intended for download
with entirely unrestricted usage.

- Peter Ingestad, Sweden.

Seth said...

congrats, martha!!! XOXOXOXOX

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